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Who Are Conquer Marketing?

We are a newly established Digital Marketing Agency, located in beautiful Cork.

Our philosophy is simple.

It's not to bamboozle our clients with buzz words. It's all about putting our clients needs first, giving you what you want, all at an affordable price.

Our Digital Marketing agency provides powerful strategies and services that help you achieve higher rankings on search engines. We also help increase your brand's recognition, retain your existing audience as well as help attract new customers.

What's there not to love?

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"Let us Conquer your fears of Digital Marketing"

- Shane Walsh, Owner of Conquer Marketing

 The Birth of our Digital Marketing Agency

My name is Shane Walsh and I'm the founder here at Conquer Marketing.

First, the boring bits.

I have a B.Sc. degree in Digital Marketing, it was here where I learnt the latest trends / techniques and technologies, and worked as a marketing executive for 6 months on a digital project for a leading manufacturing company. 

It was from here, I decided to start-up my own business. Why?

After doing extensive research, I discovered businesses didn't fully understand Digital Marketing and how it could be of benefit to their business. They were also petrified of the cost involved. 

So I wanted to provide a sloution.

Our goal to put the needs of our customers at the forefront of everything we do. 

So here we are!

More boring bits! Throughout my education, I have been a high academic, I also have a degree in Accounting.  Thus, I have a strong aptitude for organizing, structuring and interpreting data, and believe this is essential for anyone working in the digital marketing landscape.

I have continued my Professional Development and have achieved certification in Google Analytics / AdWords and HubSpot certifications – Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

I am very comfortable with WordPress, building numerous websites.

Beyond numbers and analytics, I have developed a huge passion for Digital Marketing, to include database segmentation / user personas and using information to write and create content for specific audiences, across their preferred social channels.

As a former Bar Manager, I understand the difficulties businesses can go through, and sometimes spending money is a painful process. But with my help, I promise the benefits will outweigh any expense incurred.

Lastly, enough about me, over to you!

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