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  Ahh, the joys of launching a brand-new website! You crunched the numbers. Listened to the experts. Spent the time and money getting everything exactly how you like it. Now…

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SEO Services

SEO Services

We think search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is so important that we’re going to give you this blog’s big ticket item first;

Our SEO services – helps your small business to be not so small.

Small Businesses have always been a rear wheel of a four-wheeler cart of the world’s economy. Every month over 543,000 new businesses rolls their sleeves up and join the business industry. Sadly in that same period, more than that above number are forced to close down.

Although digital marketing has changed the landscape of the web, small businesses have found it difficult to adapt.

An integral part of any digital marketing strategy is SEO; a focused element of an overall holistic approach to drive customers to your business via online platforms. In other words, marketing the contempory way! Click here to learn more on SEO

Some say this practice has died and there’s no point wasting resources trying to rank high in Google’s search results. On the other hand, others claim that SEO is more important than ever and your business cannot exist in the online world without it.

Who should you believe?

In this article, we’re going to explain why search engine optimization is still relevant today and why you should consider investing in it.


How our SEO services can help you? 

As mentioned above, while many believe that SEO is dead (enough that 210 people search for that exact phrase every month), the reality is that SEO is still very much alive, and we have the statistics to prove it.

Conquer Marketing

(Source – Moz)

Mind boggling!  To discover more fascinating statistics, click here

But have you ever wondered how it could be of benefit to your business? Or how does an SEO strategy make your website more powerful? Below, we have tackled these questions.



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Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing has been an essential part of a marketers toolkit going back as far the 90’s.

Throughout time, so called ‘experts’ have declared that “email is dead” – a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth. Email marketing is currently experiencing a huge resurgence.

This is illustrated in Adestra’s 2016 Consumer Adoption & Usage Study, which uncovered that even in a world filled with mobile and social media marketing avenues, Millennials still use emails. In fact, many young adults prefer email to other marketing channels.

Also according to the study, nearly 68 percent of teens and 73 percent of Millennials said they prefer to receive communication from a business via email. In addition, more than half rely on email to buy things online.

Furthermore, research has shown, for every Euro spent on email marketing, an average of 37 Euro return on investment is realized. While according to the DMAemail marketing has an ROI of 3800%. Staggering!

Incidentally, the number of e-mail users worldwide is forecast to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019.

To find even more astonishing statistics on email marketing, click here 

Email is truly alive and well!
Email Marketing


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Lift Off!

Before we begin, we at Conquer Marketing would like to thank you for visiting us. We hope it will be the first of many visits and the beginning of a…

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