Email MarketingEmail marketing has been an essential part of a marketers toolkit going back as far the 90’s.

Throughout time, so called ‘experts’ have declared that “email is dead” – a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth. Email marketing is currently experiencing a huge resurgence.

This is illustrated in Adestra’s 2016 Consumer Adoption & Usage Study, which uncovered that even in a world filled with mobile and social media marketing avenues, Millennials still use emails. In fact, many young adults prefer email to other marketing channels.

Also according to the study, nearly 68 percent of teens and 73 percent of Millennials said they prefer to receive communication from a business via email. In addition, more than half rely on email to buy things online.

Furthermore, research has shown, for every Euro spent on email marketing, an average of 37 Euro return on investment is realized. While according to the DMAemail marketing has an ROI of 3800%. Staggering!

Incidentally, the number of e-mail users worldwide is forecast to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019.

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Email is truly alive and well!
Email Marketing

A new breed of Email Marketing

That being said, what is dying, is the old way of doing email. The mass email sent out to everyone on your subscriber list. The persistent messaging that overwhelms your customers. The email that provides nothing to your customers. That’s the type of email that’s dead.

Replacing it is a new type of email. An email that cuts through the clutter with highly targeted, personalised content that engages your audience and keeps them opening again and again. Inbound marketing! This type of email delivers tangible results for businesses.

Email marketing, when done correctly, is a influential tool to encourage your audience to engage with content and to nurture leads in your database along the buyer’s journey.

For e-commerce businesses, email is a powerful channel. Whereas other mediums—like SEO and social media—are volatile and subject to change, the email list you build over time will become a pillar of your business that continues to drive both new and repeat visitors to the products in your store.

There are virtually no limits on how far you can segment customers, target them across multiple channels, and personalize your communication to speak directly to your customers. The potential for increasing sales through email marketing is NOT to be underestimated.

Start collecting visitor emails today, identify segmentation opportunities and always provide value.


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