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Ahh, the joys of launching a brand-new website! You crunched the numbers. Listened to the experts. Spent the time and money getting everything exactly how you like it. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let the profits roll in.

Not so fast.

No matter how much you spent on your new website design, eventually that spanking-new site with all its bells and whistles is going to become a relic of the past. Think of website maintenance like home ownership: you’re never officially “done.”

Which leads you to wonder: “How often should I redesign my website? A year? 2 years? 10 years?

Asking when to redo your site is like asking how often you should call your mom. Well, how often do you call her now? Is she happy with the amount you call her? Are you happy with it? In what ways could you both benefit from talking more or less? The answer depends on your situation.

So back to the question. How often should you redesign your website?

It depends. But it all comes down to your answer to the following question.

“Is my website continually producing satisfactory results?”

If your answer to the question is “yes”, your decision should be obvious. To put it simply: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Most likely, your answer to the question is “no”. It could be because sales are declining. Or it could be that leads are lowering in terms of quality. Regardless, if your website isn’t yielding the results you want; make changes.

But how do you make sure those tweaks and updates fall into the healthy medium between “piddly fiddling” and “excessive overhaul”?

In the coming weeks, we will publish a “Do I need to update my website” checklist, to help you answer this. So, keep your eyes peeled.

When the time comes to start building your website you’re going to have a lot of options to choose from. The thought of narrowing down to a single solution can end up taking a lot of unnecessary time. This shouldn’t be the case as there’s one platform that stands above the rest.

It’s a nifty little solution called WordPress. If you’ve been doing your research, then you might have stumbled across it, but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you and your business requirements.

Below we identify several reasons why you should consider WordPress for your brand new website.



WordPress, by some stretch, is the most widely used open-source content management system (CMS) in the world.

Since its inception in 2003, it has gone from a simple and ubiquitous blogging site to a preferred and preeminent web development platform.

You’ll be in good company if you choose WordPress. Many famous blogs, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are already using WordPress.

Famous blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch are on WordPress. News outlets such as the The New York Times’ blogs and CNN’s on-air personality blogs all use WordPress.

If you’re curious about about who else uses WordPress, head on over to the WordPress site showcase and you’ll be impressed by the number of well-known sites and famous people using WordPress to power their websites.

Also, visit here for 50 astonishing WordPress statistics in 2017.

But what makes WordPress so popular?

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best CMS’ on the market. In this post we’re going to provide you with the key benefits of using WordPress to power your website.

Whether you’re a small business looking to produce a brochure-style website or a large-scale enterprise looking to launch a high traffic blog utilising a content distribution network (CDN), we’ll show you how WordPress can work for you.



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Final Thoughts on website design and WordPress

In the end, you should redesign your website as much as you need to and as often as you need to. But the only way to know whether you need to, is to know your business inside out.

Having a website can be both a good visual reminder of how much time has gone by since you last examined your business and a way to measure how successful your endeavours have been.

If you’re concerned about the website design cost, then just focus on the updates you need most. Leave the full makeover until you and your budget are ready.

If you’re having problems with your existing CMS and are weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of migrating to WordPress, then contact us today and take advantage of a free one hour WordPress migration consultation with one of our website design & development experts.

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